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Setting the Mood

For a lot of writers, a huge part of the writing process is creating the perfect atmosphere. The perfect space, the right kind of music or ambiance, the most comforatble chair, etc. makes all the difference in the world when it comes to productivity. Listed below are several tools that I have found to be extremely helpful in creating the perfect writing atmosphere.

Rainy Mood: This is a free website that features the soothing sounds of a rain and gentle thunder. What's great about this site is that as long as you leave the browser window open, you can have the rain sounds playing along with the music of your choice. I love pairing rainy mood with my favorite classical selections. Or sometimes the rain is enough! Very relaxing and super helpful on days when I really need to concentrate.

Coffitivity: This is another free website that recreates the ambient sounds of coffee shops and cafes. This site is great for those that like the sounds of people, but don't like the distraction of an actual coffee shop. You get the ambient sounds in the privacy of your own home!

8Tracks: I don't know about you guys, but I often get sick of my own playlists on itunes and sometimes Pandora gets to be too repetitive. This is where 8tracks comes in! 8tracks is a website for people to listen to and create music playlists. Listners can search for a particular type of playlist by searching for the type of music, genre, or artist that they like. There are tons of options! I often discover new artists this way and I never run out of new things to listen to. It's great!

*My favorite playlists: LittleLionWoman has the BEST instrumental playlists--the ones with a pic of Elizabeth Bennet as the cover are my favorites.

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