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"Waiting for Keeper" Wednesday | Part Nine: Meet Josephine!

Hi everyone! Well, this is it! The last WFKW post! Next week, I'll be doing a countdown on Instagram, and in exactly 12 days, Keeper will be out in the world! AHHHH!!

I want to thank everyone so much for tuning in to these posts! It's been so much sharing all the fun "behind-the-scenes" tidbits with you, and I have loved being able to introduce all of my characters. This book is so special to me, and I cannot wait for release day. I started writing Keeper TEN YEARS ago, and to finally see it in the hands of readers is going to be such an incredible feeling!

I have one last character to share with you but before I do, I have to recognize the talented artist who created all of these amazing character portraits: Tara Spruit! I've mentioned her every week, but I think it's so important to give her credit. She did such an incredible job. If you haven't already checked out her profile, please do so! You won't regret it! You can find her on INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, and TUMBLR.

Also, if you missed any of the previous character introductions, be sure to check them out here: LAINEY, MAGGIE, GARETH, SERENA, TY, and THE MASTER.

Okay, so let's go to it! The character I'm revealing today has such a special place in my heart! She is a character that wasn't in the original draft of Keeper. She wasn't even part of my original concept! But she popped into my head one day and she wouldn't leave! I connected with her quite deeply and I was so excited to share her story. I'd like you to meet Josephine!

Josephine and Lainey have a very deep connection in the book and their individual stories mirror each other in a lot of ways. I am so eager for you to read and discover the connection for yourself!

Thank you guys again for checking out these posts, and I hope you're as excited about Keeper's release as I am!

Don't forget! You can still pre-order your copy and claim you swag pack of signed goodies! To do so, go HERE. I'm also running a virtual signing until February 1st, so if you want a signed, personalized copy you can order one HERE!

Until next time, folks!

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