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Working with Kim is always a pleasure. She's encouraging and professional—the best of both worlds when it comes to an editor. If you're looking for someone to look at your manuscript—whether you're self-publishing or querying a literary agent with the intention of going the traditional route—I'd recommend Kim in a heartbeat. Your manuscript will thank you!

Jessi Elliott

Author of Twisted Fate & Twisted Gift

Kim is my critique partner, and her kindness and attention to detail have been instrumental in helping me craft the very best version of my story. She has an extraordinary knack for pinpointing emotion, what drives characters, and asking the questions that lead to stronger, clearer prose. And her compassion knows no match. If you have a project in need of a professional opinion, I can’t recommend Kim enough. She’ll give you a thorough critique—telling you what works and what doesn’t—while enthusiastically cheering you on.

Megan LaCroix

YA Fantasy Author and 2016 Pitch Wars Finalist

Hiring Kim for her editorial services was one of the best investments I've ever made. She was able to provide clear, comprehensive feedback in an impressive turn-around time. Without Kim's input, I know my story wouldn't be where it is today. Catching grammatical errors and typos was only the beginning. She pointed out which characters she wanted to know more about, as well as provided industry specific guidelines that made my manuscript shine. Her encouraging words and helpful suggestions are why I will continue to hire her for future projects. Thanks so much, Kim!

Lenn Woolston

Adult Sci-Fi Author

What can I say about my experience with Kim? After a month and a half of rejection after rejection I decided my query wasn’t quite ready for the trenches and sought Kim out for feedback on a revised version of my query letter.


I expected maybe a comment or two on ways to improve things, as we’re all busy humans and what not, but the reply I received was filled with extremely well-though out insights and attention to detail. I was floored by her willingness to put so much of her time and effort into making my query the best that it could be.


She’s straight to the point, but kind, and you can tell that she understands the process and how stressful it can be. She’s been there, understands what you’re going through, and her feedback reflects that. It’s never condescending, but more a nod of the head as if to say, “Yup, I know it’s tough. I’ve been right there where you are before but perhaps, try this?”


After weeks of correspondence regarding my letter, I’m back in the trenches with something I’m extremely confident in and proud of. It’s come such a long way and I owe much of that progress to Kim. She’s experienced, a writer, and even managed to nab one of those elusive agents. If you’re looking for help regarding your query letter. Seriously, look no further.

Scott Moses

Fantasy Author

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Working with Kim on my manuscript was a fantastic experience, and anyone in the market for a wonderful editor with a keen eye would do well to contact her. Kim worked tirelessly to give me a complete, thorough outline of all of the strengths and weaknesses in my story. I also really appreciated her line-by-line comments as well--she was very tuned into my characters and their arcs, and pointed out to me all the places where I could tweak things to make them stronger. She asked all the right questions to get my mind-gears turning. Perhaps the most important piece of all, however, was her compassion. She was always kind and truly seemed to care about me, my journey, and my book's success. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Jessica Olson

Repped by Christa Heschke, McIntosh & Otis, 2018 PitchWars Finalist

Kim gave me invaluable feedback on how to take my query and synopsis to a whole new level! She totally “gets” YA fantasy stories, which makes her even better to work with. Highly recommended!

Chad H.

Fantasy Writer

I discovered Kim Chance via her YouTube channel, not long after I started to write my first science fiction novel.  She came off as friendly, articulate, and with the ability to break down various writing concepts and challenges that made it easy for me to understand and apply.


So when she opened the doors to the editing side of her business - and saw that she would critique the first 50 pages of one's work - I thought this would be a great time for me to experience a sliver of the process of working with an editor for a portion of what I've written so far.  I didn't know what to expect, as I've never worked with an editor before, and honestly haven't considered even looking for one until I finished my manuscript. Fortunately, the beginnings of our business relationship went as smoothly as one could expect: She was prompt with her responses, and made it easy to get my pages of text over to her in a format she wanted to work with.  


A week later, she got back to me with the edited version of what I initially sent over, complete with in-line edit recommendations and comments, as well as a detailed email that broke down her overall feedback (this had its own detailed sub-sections, too).


I must admit, I was quite nervous about what I reviewed, so I sent her a big list of questions based on her feedback - just so I could confirm my understanding of what she pointed out and therefore know what I would do next.  Despite the long list, she got back to me a day later with full answers.  In the end, I felt even stronger about both my story and my writing.  


In summary, I loved working with Kim from start to finish.  Though she only reviewed a portion of my work, what she provided me will impact the rest of my manuscript and will allow me to better self-edit my work when that time comes.  I have every intention of keeping her on board as my editor, and look forward to working with her again in the future.

Trevor Williams

Science-Fiction Writer

Kim is very professional with her clients. With whatever editing service you ask for, Kim delivers well-thought out notes that will help any book reach its full potential. With her experience as a published author, her feedback will help your manuscript become the novel it was meant to be.

L.J. Jarvis

Fantasy Author

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