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GUEST POST: Writer vs Storyteller by Samantha M. Clark

Hello everyone! Happy Thursday! Today's guest post comes from the amazing Samantha M. Clark, fellow Electric 18 and author of the upcoming MG novel, WAKE! For those of you that have ever struggled with calling yourself a "writer," this post is for you! I know this has tripped me up in the past, and I love Samantha's take on it! :) Take it away, Samantha! I’ve never been a big fan of the word “writer” as a description for what I and my fellow authors do. Sure, I write my stories, mostly on my computer, sometimes longhand when I’m stuck, often on napkins, the back of bills, or whatever else is handy when I get an idea. But the more experience I have with this job, the more I’ve come to underst

GUEST POST: How to Choose a Character's Name in 27 Simple Steps by Katie Henry

Hi guys! Happy Friday! I have a seriously awesome guest post for you today! Katie Henry, fellow Electric 18 and author of HERETICS ANONYMOUS, is here to help us with one of the most troublesome aspects of writing: coming up with character names! I don't know about you, but this is something that gets me every time! It was seriously easier to name my own kids than to name my characters! HA! Katie's post will not only make you chuckle, but it also captures the utter ridiculousness that all writers face when trying to come up with character names! Take it away, Katie! :) How to Choose a Character’s Name in 27 Simple Steps by Katie Henry Take out the dog-eared, 1980s-era baby name book you’ve ha

GUEST POST: Writing Isn't Magic by Maxine Kaplan

Hi guys! Happy Wednesday! I hope the week has been treating you well! I have another awesome guest post for you today! Maxine Kaplan, author of THE ACCIDENTAL BAD GIRL and fellow Electric 18, is here to give us a much needed dose of tough love! For those of you sitting around waiting for the stars to perfectly align so you can write, you NEED to read this! I think we all need to hear this from time to time, and I especially needed to hear it today! So, thank you so much, Maxine! This post is the kick in the pants I needed! So read on, writers! And be sure to show Maxine some love! :) I am here to burst your bubble: Writing isn’t magic. Oh, writing can occasionally feel like magic. When you’r

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