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Favorite Lines from KEEPER!

Hi everyone! So, people have been asking me if I plan to post any excerpts from KEEPER. I would love to and plan to in the future, but for now I'm holding off until I figure out what's going to happen with my publication journey. However, I did want to share some of my favorite lines and snippets of scenes with you guys! You won't know the context of the lines, but hopefully you'll still enjoy them and they will make you even more excited about reading KEEPER! Here are 10 of my favorite lines and scene snippets! I hope you enjoy! Happy reading! :) 1. I smiled back and willed my brain to come up with something clever to say next, but it was too busy doing an incredibly realistic impression of

New Author Photos!

Hi everyone! Recently, I asked a photographer friend of mine to take some headshots of me. Most of the pictures on my website and my social media sites are selfies, and I wanted something a little more professional. I received the photos this week and they are amazing! I'm super critical of myself in pictures, but I really loved how they turned out! Now, I'm having the hardest time picking which one should be my new author photo. I'm posting the top three here. Cast your vote! :) Also, a HUGE thank you to Stephanie from SLFowler Photography for the incredible pics! Working with you was a dream!

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