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Favorite Lines from KEEPER!

Hi everyone! So, people have been asking me if I plan to post any excerpts from KEEPER. I would love to and plan to in the future, but for now I'm holding off until I figure out what's going to happen with my publication journey. However, I did want to share some of my favorite lines and snippets of scenes with you guys! You won't know the context of the lines, but hopefully you'll still enjoy them and they will make you even more excited about reading KEEPER!

Here are 10 of my favorite lines and scene snippets! I hope you enjoy! Happy reading! :)

1. I smiled back and willed my brain to come up with something clever to say next, but it was too busy doing an incredibly realistic impression of Porky the Pig.


3. Maggie shook her head at me. "Oh Styles. If I ask you to hop on a Nozgul and fly into the fiery depths of Mordor with me, then you can call me crazy. But for now, let's just go with cheerfully optimistic."



6. I couldn’t speak, my heart trapped in my throat. I knew I’d never forget that sound; it was tattooed upon my soul.


8. Maybe it was the sunlight that poured in through the window creating some kind of optical illusion. Or maybe it was the lack of sleep that was making me loopy, but it almost seemed as if the bookshelf had come unattached from the wall and was floating in midair.

I moved closer to get a better look.

I stopped again, my breath hitching in my throat.

It had been an optical illusion after all. The bookshelf wasn't floating or about to fall over.

It was a door.


10. Magic always leaves a mark.

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