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RELEASE DAY BLITZ: The Line that Binds by J.M. Miller

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by today! Today's blog is a special one for me because I have a personal connection to the amazing author! J.M. Miller is one of my critique partners and has been so hugely instrumental in my own writing journey. When I learned of the release day blitz for the box series of her paranormal romance series, The Line that Binds and The Line that Breaks, I jumped at the opportunity to show her the same support she always bestows up me! So let's get right to it! And trust me when I say that these books are AMAZING! You won't want to miss out!

NOW AVAILBLE: The Line that Binds, the complete series by J.M. Miller!

Wishes don't come true.

I should know. If they did, my addict mom wouldn’t have left, and my dad wouldn't have lost his job. I wouldn't have moved cross-country to a creepy old house on an estate willed to me by some crazy great-aunt I never knew. It's not exactly the best way to start senior year, but life in Las Vegas is over, and change is exactly what I need.

When I meet the groundskeeper’s smart-mouthed grandson, I can tell by his gritty style that he’s the kind of change I probably should avoid. And when I ask him about my family’s past, his dark, mischievous eyes tell me more than his words. But it's not until I find the well and the headaches begin that I realize how much he's really hiding.

Maybe wishes do come true. With a price.

Available for order at: Amazon & Amazon UK

I have read both of these amazing novels and I cannot sing their praises enough! Here are the reviews I wrote back when I first read them:

The Line that Binds:

I was very lucky to read this book early, and when I first started it, I really had no idea what to expect. However, I was immediately captivated by the characters and what I loved the most about this book was its unique premise. With YA these days, I think it's difficult to find something truly unique and original, but this novel is all of those things. From the haunting prologue to the emotional journey of the dual perspectives, I felt like I was experiencing something I've never experienced before. Don't you just love when books do that? :) I absolutely adore LJ and Ben and I cannot wait to see how their story will unfold! I highly recommend this book not just for it's unique premise, but also because it's a novel that takes you by the hand and runs you through the emotional gamut and that imo is the mark of an excellent read! :) Read it today!

The Line that Breaks:

I don't think I can put into words how much I enjoyed this series. The concept was fresh and new and I absolutely fell in love with LJ and Ben. J.M. Miller is truly a word weaver, and from the very beginning I was captivated by her story-telling techniques. She makes you feel not as if you are a third party bystander, but as someone who is an integral part of the story itself. Also, when it comes to a book series like this, I sometimes worry what will happen to the beloved characters who have come to mean so much to me. Will I as a reader get the resolution that I need once the story ends? Well, this book was the PERFECT end to LJ and Ben's story. I was completely satisfied! I cannot recommend this series enough! What are you waiting for? READ IT NOW! I promise you won't regret it! :)

For today only, you can get this AWESOME box set for just 0.99! Starting tomorrow, the price will go up to 4.99. Don't miss out on these incredible novels!

J.M. Miller currently consumes her coffee in Florida. When she isn't busy being distracted by social media sites, she writes Young Adult and New Adult romance novels that vary in genre from contemporary to paranormal, with a little mystery thrown in for fun.

Aside from spending time with her family, she loves to travel and will jump at the chance to go anywhere, whenever life allows. For exclusive news and giveaways, sign up for J.M.'s newsletter!

Connect with J.M.: Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Instagram

So what are you waiting for? Hurry on over to Amazon and get your copy today! And don't forget to leave a review! Authors live for reviews!

And lastly, thanks to The Hype for including me in today's blitz! You guys rule!

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