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Are you a writer that's looking to connect with other writers? Are you looking for a way to get valuable feedback on your novel? Are you in the market for a good critique partner or two? Then you've come to the right place! CP CONNECT is just for you!

Below you will find all the information and details you need to participate! I hope to see you all next week!

1) First of all, what is a critique partner?

A critique partner is a fellow writer who reviews your manuscript and gives you constructive feedback. In turn, you read their manuscript and provide the same. CPs give you feedback on all the big picture items such as plot, characterization, and world-building, but they also provide feedback on craft aspects such as POV, voice, spelling/grammar, and pacing. CPs push you, challenge you, and encourage you. They are the ones you turn too with craft questions and the ones who help you through plot holes and writer's block. They are your ride-along buddies for the crazy journey that is writing a novel.

2)What's the difference between a beta reader and a critique partner?

Beta readers are simply readers. They can be writers, but most of the time, they are not. You do not swap manuscripts with them, and they responsible for giving feedback on their subjective impressions of the novel. Things like: Did you like the characters? Was the plot engaging? etc.

Still confused? Watch THIS.

3) Do I need a Critique Partner?

I suppose you could soldier one without one, but in my experience CPs are not only necessary but ESSENTIAL. I would not be where I am in my writing journey without my CPs, and I highly encourage my fellow writers to make those connections and find their CPs!

4) What is CP Connect?

CP CONNECT is a way for writers to connect with fellow writers in the hopes of finding a CP. It will be hosted here on my blog.

5) How do I participate?

It's easy! Starting on Wednesday, 3/15, there will be a blog post that opens here on my website. You simply comment with some basic information about you and your book and your contact information. The next step is to peruse the other comments and look for people you think would be a good match! Once you've found a few people you'd like to work with, comment on their post and swap contact information---then the conversation moves to a private email between you two. I usually advise people to swap a few pages 1st in order to get a feel for each other's projects. If you both agree that you'd like to work together, then you swap manuscripts and get started! :)

6) How many CPs do I need?

That is totally up to you, but I'd advise 2-3. I have three and that number works really well for me. If one person thinks something should be changed and another thinks it's fine, then I usually ask the 3rd CPs opinion in order to break the tie. You can have as many as you like, but remember that you will also be critiquing their manuscripts, so only take on as many as your schedule and time commitments will allow.

7)Are you (Kim) available as a CP?

Unfortunately, no. I already have three CPs that I work well with, and my work schedule does not allow me to take on any more at this time--but thank you for thinking of me!

8)Does my manuscript have to be complete in order to participate?

No, it does not! :) All stages of the writing process are welcome!

9)How will the CPs be matched?

I don't actually do any matching. You are completely in charge of who you connect with. I'm just hosting! :)

10)What should I do in the meantime?

Spread the word! The more writers we have participate, the more matches we can make! Feel free to snag the graphic to share on your social media sites, and be sure to invite your friends! :)

That's it! If you have another question that I didn't answer, feel free to leave me a comment here on this post, send me a message through my website contact form, OR you can tweet me @_KimChance! Thanks guys and I hope to see you on Wednesday, 3/15!

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