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"Waiting for Keeper" Wednesday | Part Two

Hi everyone! Welcome to another "Waiting for Keeper" Wednesday! Music is such a huge part of my process as a writer; I have to have music playing while I write, particularly if I'm writing a scene that's full of emotion. So today, I'm sharing with you some tidbits about the music that helped inspired Keeper!

I find music to be incredibly inspiring, and like I mentioned above, it's something that I cannot live without. However, I'm a little bit picky about what kind of music I listen to during a writing session. Songs that contain lyrics/voices are distracting to me--I think it's because I'm a singer and I like to sing along! I also think it's because my brain doesn't like to multi-task and if I'm trying to put together my own sentences, I can't have someone else's sentences in my head. So my preferred music for writing is instrumental. I especially like movies and television scores. They can't be really popular, though. For example, I can't listen to the Harry Potter soundtrack because as much as I love the music, it's very distinctly Harry Potter. When I listen, all I can see is scenes from HP in my head. That's not exactly helpful when trying to create my own world and develop my own characters. As long as the song evokes emotion, doesn't have any words, and isn't clearly associated with something else then it's good to go!

When I first started writing Keeper, I stumbled upon a website called 8tracks. It was a free site where users could put together playlists and share them with other users. This was before Spotify was a thing. I LOVED 8tracks and fell in love with 1-2 playlists that became my go-to soundtrack when it was time to work on Keeper. All I had to do was turn on one of those playlists and I would immediately be in the right frame of mind to write. 8tracks is no longer a free service, and sadly my favorite of those playlists has been deleted by its creator. It makes me a little sad, but thanks to the wonder that is Spotify, I have been able to create a new playlist featuring all my old friends from 8tracks!

So here is the music that inspired me to write Keeper. Each song is so familiar, comforting, and meaningful to me, and I'm pretty sure the notes are etched upon my soul. These songs are dear to me, and each of them remind me of different scenes in my book. They're all instrumental, of course, but incredibly lovely. Give it a listen if you like!

If the widget doesn't work for some reason, go HERE.

I also wanted to share another piece of music with you. This is a song that I discovered recently. It wasn't something I listened to while writing Keeper, nor was it on my radar at all until a few weeks ago. I was listening to a random playlist on Spotify and this song came on. It started playing and I literally stopped my in my tracks. It reminded me so much of my book and my characters, and I had a moment where I actually said out loud "Oh my gosh, this is Keeper's song." I can't tell you why I had such a strong reaction to it because...well, you know--spoilers and all that. But trust me! Every time I hear this song, I think of my characters and how far I've come in this journey! It's such a beautiful song and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Thank you so much for checking out this week's "Waiting for Keeper" Wednesday! Be sure to come back next week for another look into the Keeper world! And TRUST ME! Next week's post is VERY EXCITING! (I'll give you a hint: I'm revealing some exclusive character art! EEEK!)

Also, don't forget to pre-order your copy and claim you swag pack of signed goodies! To do so, go HERE. Thanks again and see you next week!

Until next time, folks!

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